Denkurian Adjectives

Adjectives in Denkurian agree with their nouns in gender, number and case. Adjectives decline as nouns do Adjectives are cited by their neuter singular nominative form.

Adjective inflection (positive form)


*-o is used with the comparative and superlative suffixes. A few irregular adjectives use -o or -au

Example declension

raiki strong

Singularnom. sg.raikiraikuraika
acc. sg.raikisraikusraikas
dat. sg.raikimraikuvraikam
gen. sg.raikivraikukraikav
instr. sg.raikidraikudraikad
Pluralnom. pl.raikairaikoiraike
acc. pl.raikaisraikoisraikes
dat. pl.raikaimraikoimraikem
gen. pl.raikaivraikoivraikev
instr. pl.raikaidraikoidraiked

Degrees of Comparison

ClaseComparative adj.Comparative adv.Superlative adj.Superlative adv.

Negative, contrastive, and sublative forms are simply the positive, comparative, and superlative forms prefixed by ven-, respectively.

Irregular adjectives and adverbs

robi, rongi, rimpi, robo/robau good, better, best, well

brun, brungo, broimpo gladly/willingly, rather/preferably, most preferably

gerri, grengi, grimpi, grengo little/few, less/fewer, least/fewest, less (adv.)